the Process

With joy and hard work, Wool & Worm creates hand made wearable art from a variety of fine fibers such as Merino wool. At times fabric collages are created with silk fabrics and a variety of other fibers, fabrics and bits.

Traditional felting is the ancient art of working fibers together using water, soap and motion to create fabulous nonwoven fabrics. Felted fibers are one of the oldest forms of fabrics and are sturdy enough to be used for shelter as well as clothing.

Nuno felting is the same felting process but incorporates laminating fibers and fabrics together. This results in amazing textures melded with color. Like a grain of sand with agitation becomes a pearl, agitation with wool and silk turns in to magical fabrics.

Easy care: Hand wash. Cold water. Mild Soap. Dry Flat. Jackets and vest could be dry cleaned if desired.

Do not iron nuno felted items because it will flatten the wonderful bubbly texture.